110% Guarantee - Terms and Conditions

We want you to be happy and confident when purchasing from Combat Sports Clinic – please read these Terms and Conditions to understand how our guarantee operates.

  1. Combat Sports Clinic offers a 110% guarantee for purchasers wishing to obtain refunds on video purchases made via https://www.combatsportsclinic.net
  2. This guarantee is valid for 48 hours from the date and time the order is completed (i.e. once payment has been processed) as defined by the timestamp on the confirmation email issued to the purchaser.
  3. The 110% refund will take the form of a full refund of the purchase price paid for a product, plus a store voucher for an additional 10% of the net purchase price refunded (i.e. after discounts applied). No other method or terms of refund are available.
  4. This guarantee enables the purchaser to request a refund by emailing refunds@combatsportsclinic.net with a description of the reason for the refund request (this information will be used for product quality improvement).
  5. We reserve the right to contact you to discuss your request further before issuing any refund.
  6. This guarantee does not provide an assurance that a product will enable a particular outcome; i.e. we do not guarantee that you will definitely be able to play rubber guard, or that your shoulder complaint will definitely clear up, as a result of purchasing our products.
  7. This guarantee does not cover subscription services unless explicitly indicated otherwise.
  8. This guarantee does not cover accessibility issues, e.g. inability to connect to our video hosting service (Thinkific), unless there is a live fault report registered at https://status.thinkific.com at the time of the refund request.
  9. This guarantee is in addition to, and is not intended to substitute, any of your statutory rights as defined under UK and EU law.
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Seven Ways to Hack Your Rehab Game

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