What do you know about combat sports injuries, anyway?

I’m a registered osteopath here in the UK, with a special interest in sports injuries, rehabilitation and strength training. I’ve been involved in martial arts and combat sports for over 25 years, including a 12 year career as a professional MMA fighter, during which I fought in the UFC. I’ve had my fair share of injuries during my career, ranging from the usual minor sprains and strains to a more serious neck problem; and I’ve treated many fighters and combat sports athletes over the years

I'm already seeing a physio, and she's great, but doesn't know anything about my sport. I want to keep seeing her, but I'm also interested in doing a sport specific rehab plan to get me back on the mat - can you work together?

We’re very happy to work together with your local therapist, providing that they’re comfortable with that. Please discuss it with them, and if appropriate put us in touch.

Can you guarantee your programme will make me better?

Unfortunately magic wands are in short supply, and human bodies are frustratingly unpredictable at times. It would be unethical for us to guarantee that we can definitely fix you; in fact, this isn’t a promise anyone can truthfully make. What we do promise is that if you follow the plan, complete your log sheets as requested, but still aren’t happy with your results – then we’ll refund your money in full.

Can you diagnose my injury?

No. At least, not without a personal visit (we’re based in Solihull). If we’re concerned that there’s something potentially more worrying going on, we may recommend that you go to see someone locally. This is often the case if you’ve had a recent serious injury.

If I do need to see someone in person, can you recommend someone local to me?

Sometimes. We have a growing network of practitioners we’re in contact with; some of them may post occasionally on our Facebook discussion group. If we can recommend someone personally in your area then we will; failing that we will offer some general guidelines to point you in the right direction.

Is it normal for the exercises to hurt?

That all depends what you mean by “hurt”. A certain amount of mild discomfort is often normal and to be expected; sharp or severe pain is not, and is an indication to back off. We ask all our clients to fill in regular training logs and pain charts so that we can track how you’re getting on and identify possible problems. If any of our clients have concerns about anything they’re doing, we’re available to discuss it and offer guidance.

What happens if I can't follow the plan for some reason?

We try to make our plans as straightforward and easy to follow as possible; if there’s anything that you don’t understand, we’re happy to answer questions by email or schedule additional follow up calls when required. We ask you to give us as much information as possible in the initial sign up documents and consultation so that we can make the plan relevant to your situation; however if circumstances change we can also adjust the plan as needed.

I've got a big fight coming up. Can you talk to my coaches about my training plan?

Yes, this is a service that we can offer, but additional correspondence (beyond what we provide to you and/or your local therapist) is not included in the cost of the basic plan. If you think you might benefit from this, please discuss it with us and we’ll give you a quote.

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