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Neck Strength Masterclass is Combat Sports Clinic’s first full-length course, released via Thinkific and on DVD on 20th October 2018.

This course takes an in-depth look at the mechanics of the neck and how it is used in a combat sports settings.  It examines and improves upon current neck conditioning practices, and demonstrates innovative combat-specific exercises that will enable the student to improve performance whilst reducing the risk of neck-related injuries.

Rosi Sexton, author of the Next Strength Masterclass, tells us more in her blog entry:

“Much of the neck strength work done by combat sports athletes is confused, haphazard, and “old school”. While sports science and modern strength and conditioning methods are gradually becoming more commonplace in fighters’ training schedules, this approach doesn’t – by and large – seem to have made it as far as neck strength work.

“At the same time, much of the neck rehabilitation exercise that I’ve seen prescribed by physiotherapists and sports rehab specialists is massively under-loaded compared to the demands placed upon the neck in sport. Doing basic neck mobility work and chin tucks on their own will never, ever be enough.

“I decided that if I couldn’t find a complete answer to this problem, I’d create my own. I’ve collected some of the best ideas about neck strengthening that I’ve seen, adapted others, and developed a few of my own.  Along the way, I’ve worked with many grapplers, wrestlers, boxers, MMA fighters and a few rugby players with neck pain in my clinic. The injuries ranged from minor aches and pains through to serious disc prolapses.

“Every one has taught me something new, and this experience has helped me to improve and evolve this system.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

This looks great! My neck is giving me problems - will this fix it?

By itself – no. The Neck Strength Masterclass is designed to improve neck strength and function in combat sports, but you should have a healthy neck before you start the programme. Some of the exercises can be adapted for rehabilitation purposes, but this must only be done under the guidance of an appropriately-qualified healthcare professional. You could book a consultation with Rosi to plan this, or take a look at the Ultimate Edition, which has this service included.

Why can't I download the course?
We wrote a Facebook post about this very topic (feel free to follow us whilst you’re there!); but in a nutshell – because piracy is still a big problem with digital media and the technology required to combat it is both expensive and nascent. And even if we could and did make that investment, without actually suing people who put the course on The Pirate Bay (which is not a good look), it’s not much of a disincentive. There are also a couple of futher advantages to a streamed course:
  1. Updates: by keeping the course online we can continue to make improvements even after we’ve gone live; and
  2. Portability: as and when we do make changes, you don’t need to worry about re-downloading and copying a multi-gigabyte video to your devices.
So we think streaming is the best way to do digital distribution, but we appreciate that’s not for everyone – hence the DVD*!


(*which is also copy-protected, obviously. ?)
If I buy this before the release date, what happens?
The online course will be released by our content provider at 1:00am UK time on October 20th; you’ll be able to view it immediately from that date. If you’ve ordered a DVD or equipment pack, we’ll be shipping these from Monday 22nd October (as the 20th is a Saturday, and we’ll be at Cage Warriors!). We pack and ship physical orders within 24 hours of order payment.
Don’t forget our Early Bird offer! Use coupon code THEWORM at checkout for a £25 discount on your order (valid until November 18th 2018).
What's the position with shipping and VAT/taxes?

Shipping worldwide is no issue. Our shopping cart software will automatically calculate shipping charges at checkout for you, based on your shipping location.

Digital sales taxes are fun! Combat Sports Clinic is registered for VAT, but we’re currently below the UK revenue threshold for collecting VAT, so our UK supplies are VAT-exempt. Our digital supplies outsidethe UK however, have to be charged at our customers’ prevailing VAT rate. Some jurisdictions do not have a revenue threshold (the EU and Russia are two examples) and so we have to charge VAT on these supplies.

Physical goods do not fall into this category, so DVD and equipment bundles do not have sales taxes applied at this time.


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I have a question you've not answered here.
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