Eoghan O’Flanagan’s Leg Lock Masterclass


Want a lethal leg lock game? Look no further

Eoghan is a master of modern leg lock theory and practice, with wins in elite-level competition. In this instructional he shares his most effective techniques, exclusively through Combat Sports Clinic.

  • Jiu-jitsu that WORKS – Eoghan’s pedigree in European BJJ is beyond question – these techniques have won tournaments. You can be confident that what’s being taught is effective.
  • Unparalleled Quality – Watch Eoghan demonstrate his advanced techniques in 4K resolution from multiple camera angles. It’s like you’re on the mat with him.
  • Complete Portability – Get instant access to your content via our streaming servers anywhere you have an internet connection – at home, in the gym, on the bus or train, at work… (on breaks, obviously!)
  • Infinite Replay – Just like being at one of Eoghan’s seminars or lessons – except you always have the best view…and he’ll repeat himself endlessly if you ask him to.

Don’t stop at half-way…

get all Eoghan’s best moves today!

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Course curriculum

Chapter 1: Standing Entries

01. Saddle entry from overhook

02. Stuffed single-leg victor roll

03. Outside tie to victor roll

04. Arm drag to single-leg X

05. Imanari roll

Chapter 2: Opponent on one knee

06. Managing connection + distance

07. Shin-on-shin to single-leg X

08. Shin-on-shin X-guard to saddle

09. De la riva to reverse de la riva

10. De la riva to single-leg X

11. De la riva to single-leg X (variation)

12. De la riva – reverse de la riva – saddle

13. Reverse de la riva – saddle – 50-50 with head snap

Chapter 3: Butterfly half / Butterfly options

14. eddie cummings (2 ways)

15. 2 on 2 from butterfly half to single-leg

16. Head snap – telephone armbar – single-leg X

17. 2 on 1 grip – underhook – single-leg X

18. Gordon Ryan – shallow X transition

Chapter 4: Bonus Techniques

19. 50-50 – inside heelhook defence

20. Takedowns from double outside ashi

21. Saddle – collecting the second leg


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