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If you’ve bought a Combat Sports Clinic DVD from a seminar or reseller, you won’t automatically get access to the online version. You can upgrade your physical copy to the dual-format (DVD + Online) version by entering the serial number of your DVD in the field above and checking out as you would for any other product.

Advantages of upgrading to dual-format include:

  • Ultimate Portability: access your content anywhere you have an internet connection – on your phone or tablet, at the gym or dojo, or on the train or bus.
  • Superior Quality: Watch your content in FullHD (1080p), plus cast to any supported screen via your browser or phone (subject to hardware compatibility and connection quality).
  • Stay Updated: get access to additional content and special features as they become available.
  • Join the Discussion: our Thinkific platform allows users to comment and discuss programmes in real-time.

Currently we process upgrade requests manually, so please allow up to 24 hours for these to be implemented. You’ll get an acknowledgement of your order immediately via email.


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