Small Group Workshop
(2 hours)

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Small Group Workshop (2 Hours)

Workshop for 3 – 6 attendees looking in-depth at neck strength or lower back topics

2 hrs | £350


Do you worry about hurting your neck when you’re training? Would being able to use your head position more effectively, or hit that double leg takedown with confidence improve your game? Would you like to improve your resilience for striking and reduce your risk of concussion? Perhaps you already know you should be doing more to strengthen your neck, but aren’t sure how to go about it?

If the answer to any of these is “yes”, then our small group workshops are for you. We’ll take you through the fundamentals of how build neck strength safely in a range of different positions, and then give you a toolkit of sport specific drills to make it specific to your chosen discipline.


Is lower back pain cramping your grappling style? Do you feel your back is weak in certain positions? Do you worry that your training is making your back worse?

This seminar goes through the basics of lower back mechanics in a series of hands on drills. We’ll talk about how to safely strengthen the lower back in a range of different positions that are relevant to grappling, the connection between lower back movement and hip movement, and how adjusting your lower back posture can make you stronger in key positions. We’ll then look at grappling specific drills to put these concepts into practice and develop awareness and timing.

Location by agreement; travel expenses apply beyond 10 mile radius of B92 7EE

Small Group Workshop (2 Hours)

2 hrs | £350

Location & Contact Details
Tel: 0845 47 47 507
Location by agreement
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