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Who We Are

Combat Sports Clinic is headed up by Rosi Sexton,
women’s MMA pioneer and former UFC fighter

Our mission statement: to use our understanding of combat sports and the human body to help you improve performance, prevent injury and continue doing the sports you love.

About Rosi

Whilst pursuing her fighting career, Rosi studied Osteopathy at Oxford Brookes university, graduating in 2010, and has since successfully operated a private Osteopathy practice, now based in Solihull, catering to the general public.

Rosi has always held a particular interest in managing the health of combat sports athletes, and Combat Sports Clinic came into existence to allow us to offer a service and resource dedicated to keeping both elite competitors and recreational participants on the mat as much as possible.?

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How We Can Help


We offer In-Person and Video Consultations to assess and manage injuries, offer training and rehabilitation advice, or address potential problems before they become serious.


We can develop Tailored Rehabilitation Plans that athletes can follow with clinical support and follow-up from Rosi and her team


We run targeted Small Workshops for 3 – 6 people, where Rosi can focus on a specific aspect of your sport and show you how to strengthen problem areas, integrate sport specific drills into your training and manage or prevent common injuries


We can host or speak at Seminars for a larger audience, covering fundamentals of body mechanics, exercises and sport specific drills that can help to improve your performance as well as reducing injury risk to keep you training harder for longer.

Video Library

We provide an online Video Library where Rosi and her team can demonstrate specific training and rehab drills and advice for dealing with common problems (under construction);

Facebook Group

We operate a Facebook Group where athletes, coaches and clinicians can share hints, tips and best practice.