Sponsored athlete – Chris Miah

by | Nov 27, 2017 | All Posts, Sponsored Athletes | 0 comments

I’ve been working with Chris since 2015, when I first moved to Solihull. I was looking for a few fighters to work with, and Chris fit the profile perfectly – he was talented, hard working and smart about his training. He was also having a tough time with several injuries that were preventing him from achieving his potential.

Over the first few months we worked together, Chris made good progress. The injuries improved with some fairly standard rehab work, and before long, Chris was back to training and preparing for fights. So far so good.

Once Chris started increasing the intensity of his training with a fight coming up, though, he ran into problems. The extra sparring and wrestling he was doing, on top of all the other physical demands of fight camp and the limited amount of time for recovery, were taking their toll. The old injuries started flaring up, and it seemed that no amount of strength training and basic rehab would stop this from happening.

After fighting through it, and then being forced to pull out of an upcoming bout with back pain, this was really starting to get Chris down. It was clearly time to do some head scratching and go back to the drawing board.

This time, we sat down once more and figured out exactly what movements, techniques and training methods were causing most of the trouble – and then we hit the mat.

For serious sportspeople, “off the peg”, “one size fits all” rehab plans are often not good enough. In some cases, doing the basics will get results – but in others, a bit more thought and creativity is needed.

This was a turning point for Chris. Within a couple of weeks of hard work, the pain he’d been getting in training was significantly reduced. Over the next few months he was able to get back to high intensity training with only minor niggles along the way. A week ago he made his return to the MMA scene at GTFP.

When people watch a fight, they often don’t see just how much hard work, frustration and grit both fighters have put into it behind the scenes. 2017 has been a tough year for Chris; I’m immensely proud to be just one small part of his team, and we’re all looking forward to seeing great things from him in 2018.