Lower back Q&A

Blog We had a great response to our first live Q&A on our Facebook page last Saturday. If you want to catch up with the video, it’s still available here. We’re planning on making this a monthly event – so if you’ve got a topic or an injury...

Meniscus Tear

Rosi Sexton The menisci of the knee are two pads of cartilage that sit between the thigh bone (femur) and the lower leg (tibia). Normally they cushion the knee joint and help to prevent friction between the ends of the bones. Sometimes a meniscus can become damaged or...

Painkillers & Anti-inflammatories

Blog  This article isn’t a substitute for individual medical advice. We strongly recommend seeking advice from your doctor or a pharmacist about any medication. Fighters have differing attitudes to the use of painkillers and anti-inflammatories. There are those...

Separated Rib

Blog What is it? A costochondral separation is an injury to the ribcage that is relatively common in combat sports. It is sometimes called a “separated rib” or a “dislocated rib”. The ribs are connected to the sternum (breastbone) by bands of cartilage. Sometimes the...

Finger Injuries

Blog There’s no doubt that grappling arts such as judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and wrestling can be tough on the fingers. This is an area that is often neglected when we talk about injury rehabilitation and prevention. I put together a short video looking at some...
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Seven Ways to Hack Your Rehab Game

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Seven Ways to Hack Your Rehab Game

When you're getting back to training after an injury there are some key points that can greatly improve your chance of success and help you to avoid future problems.

We've pulled together seven of the most common tips Rosi gives to her clients - from elite competitors through to the recreational martial artist or combat sportsperson.

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